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A solar finance agreement allows you to pay off and maintain your own solar energy system at no upfront cost to you, while enjoying immediate cost savings. Often, businesses or property owners are impressed by the savings and reliability of solar PV solutions. However, they may not have the capital to purchase a system outright.

Home’s & Businesses can avoid upfront purchase and installation costs, and still enjoy the benefits of clean energy, knowing that they are supporting a sustainable future. A solar finance agreement enables a fully integrated solar photovoltaic system to be installed, incorporating a customised monthly payment plan. Solar finance agreement’s can also include the option to take ownership of the system at the end of the financed period, with no upfront installation costs.

Our finance partners provide alternative payment solutions for all sustainable energy solutions, products and installations. Our finance partners goal is to provide people with the opportunity and financial solution to “GO GREEN” where they may not be in a position to afford the large upfront capital investment. It is evident that consumers often overlook the long term benefits of going green when making decisions. Our finance partners were designed to offer clients a finance option that carries both social and financial benefits, striving to offer clients an alternative to the rising electricity tariffs in South Africa as well as reducing their carbon footprint.



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